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Fact sheet


Length: 3.8 miles (6.2 km)

Minimum width: 22.8 feet (7 m)

A street circuit with an exhilarating combination of long, fast straights and sharply twisting corners. It is recognised as one of the most demanding circuits in the world.

Time of the Race: 3rd weekend of November

Formula 3 Lap Record: 2:10.186 (Sérgio Sette Câmara, 2015, Dallara Volkswagen)
Motorcycle Lap Record: 2:23.616 (Stuart Easton, 2010, Kawasaki)
FIA World Touring Car Championship – Guia Race of Macau Lap Record: 2:27.009 (Rob Huff, 2014, Lada Granta 1.6T)
Macau GT Cup Lap Record: 2:19.550 (Edoardo Mortara, 2013, Audi R8 LMS)