Enthusiastic response of "Meet to share the Macau Grand Prix session"

In order to encourage involvement of different sectors of the community into the Macau Grand Prix, the Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee held the "Meet to share the Macau Grand Prix" sessions at the Macao Polytechnic Institute, Institute for Tourism Studies, the Workers' Children High School, Macau and Macau Saint Jose Diocese Secondary School respectively. The speakers interacted with students to share their experiences and fun in organizing the Macau Grand Prix.

The objective of the event was to understand the Macau Grand Prix. The officiating speakers introduced the historical development and related preparatory work of the Macau Grand Prix so the students understand more about the Macau Grand Prix as a major sporting event for the Macao’s people. The event serves as a platform for tourism and economic development in Macau. The students were very interested in the contents of the session and asked relating questions enthusiastically.

The Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee hopes that through the sharing sessions students will have a better understanding about the Macau Grand Prix, and encourage them to open up a new perspective for the development of their career by learning about Macau Grand Prix. In the future, it will become the fresh force of Macau Grand Prix and inject new impetus into the race.

Speakers at the sharing seesion included Ms. Lam Lin Kio, Deputy Coordinator of MGPOC; Ms. Lei Si Leng, Secretary General of MGPOC; Mr. Chong Coc Veng, Coordinator of Sporting Subcommittee of MGPOC and Mr. Lei Chi Leong, member of Sporting Subcommittee of MGPOC.